Random crashes on my new(ish) home build!

Hey all, hope everybody is good!

I'm just experiencing a few problems with my build and I wonder if anybody could help me out?

I built my first PC about 6 months ago (specs below). The installation went smoothly, it was up and running fine until recently (about a month ago), the PC just locked up on me, something which it now randomly does when in use.

For no apparent reason, the screen just instantly switches to a light blue screen, with no writing/windows 8 sad face what so ever, literally just a light blue screen and I can't do anything. I can't see any mouse input (or cursor), Alt-Tab or Ctrl Alt Del do nothing, as does pressing the power button on my pc. I have to flick off the PC at the switch round the back. The timing seems unpredictable - sometimes I can use it for hours, sometimes it switches off three times within 10 minutes. I have tried to avoid using it recently as to avoid any possible damage. Once when it happened, it messed up my main hard drive, requiring a re-installation of windows.

I have tried re-installing Windows (a few times), checked all cables, my PC is not running hot at all (sufficient ventilation and placement of fans). I'm pretty stumped to be honest! Specs (with linkage for un-obvious parts) are...

CPU: i5 3570k (stock speed) (stock cooler)

Mobo: Asus P877-V LX2

RAM: 8 GB Corsair Vengeance (Low Profile)

HDD: 1 TB WD Caviar Black

PSU: Corsair CX 600 (600W)

GPU: Sapphire HD7850 (OC edition)

Case: Cooler Master K-380 (Mid Tower)

1 x 120mm fan (came with case)
2 x 120mm sickfeflow fan (red led)

Anybody have any ideas? From what I've read, I assume it's probably the power supply. I just figured I may as well pick some brains here and make sure it is, just before I dump some more cash into a new supply!

Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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  1. Could be the GPU as well have you tried running it on the IGP without the card?
  2. Nope I haven't. I'm going to double check bios/drivers are totally up to date and I'll try running it without the card when I get back in about an hour or so. I'll post back results. Thanks for the quick response!
  3. If you can test the GPU in a different computer as well we can use the process of elimination.
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