Gtx 670 4gb VS HD 7970? 2013

Hey guys.
Ive been looking for a while to start building my PC and ive decided to go with an I5 3570K and an asus p8z77 V LX mobo. Now im having a hard time deciding between the GTX 670 4gb or the 7970. I can find the 7970 for alot cheaper but some benchmarks say that the gtx670 has better performance in alot of games. I know that this question has been asked before but the only awnsers where like 1 year old. Please help me out guys. (Edit) i play Arma 2, Arma 3, Battelfield 3 and going to play bf4. my budget is around 780 pounds.
Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Normally the HD7970 would be competing with GTX680. It would be my choice.
  2. When choosing a graphics card, or recommending one, you have to know what your budget is and what you'll use the card for. Without knowing that, it's difficult to really give a recommendation as it just becomes a matter of money vs performance and everyone has a different scale.

    The reason this question gets asked a lot is because everyone wants a good card and everyone wants a good deal. Just know that either card will get you gaming and you'll be happy in the end. The small differences won't matter that much unless you're an avid graphic enthusiast. The few dollars saved (or spent) won't matter after a few weeks when you're not thinking about the cost anymore. So your best bet is to figure out what games you want to play and at what graphics setting. Then choose a budget, with a happy price and an absolute maximum price. Then we'll find you the card that works best for you :)
  3. I'd take the 7970 because of it's price compared to the 670. The 670 barely dropped in price compared to the 7xxx series.
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