Noctua NH-D14 vs Noctua NH-C14

is there a difference in temps between the two when overclocking?
the C14 is good for overclocking?
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  1. The NH-D14 is generally considered their best. I have one for my 4670k and it's great.
  2. D-14 is superior.
  3. The C14 has the benefit of providing more airflow for the motherboard VRMs. But for pure CPU cooling, the D14 is better.
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    NH-D14 is the better cooler, and very quiet.

    Another good option is Phanteks TC14PE. It's slightly cooler than the NH-D14 but also a little bit louder. Comes in less ugly colors and is a little less expensive if you shop around. Caveat: Intel mounting hardware is good, but there's a manufacturing glitch with the AMD mounting hardware and you *MAY* need to contact them for replacement parts.
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