my computers internet speed slower than other computers

my computer(windows 7 pro, i think) is currently getting 1-10 mb/s when we are currently paying for 50. My roku, laptop, and xbox are all fine and on the wifi. They are receiving at least 25+ but my computer is getting nothing. My computer using a Ethernet gets 1 mb/s and i got a wireless card and it still gets like 1 or 2 mb/s. Anyone know any solutions?
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  1. What speed does your nic say it is connected at? Do you have a 10mb, 100mb, or a 1gb, nic card?
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    You can also go into Device Manager and open up the network cards devices.
    There should be an option in there when you right-click the network card to select Speed or duplex speed. Change it to 1gb if it lets you or to auto.
  3. I forgot to mention, i occasionally get 40-60 mb/s like a few hours of the week. Most of the time its between 1-6 mb/s.
  4. I will change the speed duplex and see if that works when i get home.
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