7950 Sapphire Vapor X Overclocked - Texture Issue

I'm new with overclocking so I just listened my friend and I tried to overclock my new 7950.

I started by adding 50mhz after every 30-50min of playing Crysis 3 / Heaven Benchmark while my GPU was on 100% usage, my temperature with 100% usage was locked on 65c which is I guess ok ?

Those are stable settings in MSI Afterburner so far

Issue is that I'm getting random square textures in white/yellow/blue colours while I'm playing games. It's completely random for example during test in Witcher 2 on maxed out settings I had that issue always but while I was doing Crysis 3 test with 100% usage I noticed that only 2 or 3 times during 6 hours of playing, earlier today in The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Chapter III A Murder of Ravens (game use only 20-30% gpu) I had same textures but only on some areas, game is really not gpu/cpu intense but I experianced same textures. Also during test in State of Decay Early Access I'm experiancing those textures a lot while in PES2014, Dota 2 I dont have issues at all.

I'm wondering can that be something caused by overclocking ?
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  1. Overclocks can have very strange side effects from what you mentioned to full out drivers/system crashes.

    I would play at stock and see if the issues still happen. If they do not, chances are that your overclock is the issue. Back the clock speeds down a bit and try again. Near the top speed for a card 50mhz is quite the jump.

    at least you did not get to this point. This was a factory overclock gone bad.
  2. I will be testing that.

    In meaning time, does this looks ok ?
  3. I do not look at 3dmarks scores often enough to give an idea off the top of my head to be honest. It has been years since I
    even cared what 3dmarks says :)
  4. Neither do I but I wanted to test every component since I'm not 100% satisfied with this rig at the moment. Textures are completely random and are showing up sometimes on 30% usage sometimes on 99% when core speed is on 1125.

    Today I had big problem, I noticed that my ram is working on 1066 so I did changed that on 1600 (later on 1333) and after doing that In some games I was getting crash with "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” error. I was really worried about that issue so I tried in settings to lower my ram freq on 1066 again but that didnt worked. Then I went on default settings in MSI Afterburner for my gpu, I restarted PC and game worked fine. Then I decided to test my safe oc settings again and suprisingly games started to works again.

    Problem is that when I'm on 1125 core speed I'm still getting random pink square textures here and there (in most recent case its Sleeping Dogs) but when I lower core speed on 850 (default) textures are gone but I'm loosing around 7-8 fps average. I'm wondering again are those textures showing up because of low voltage or simply my psu is weak ? I'm not very good with voltage. As I stated in first post with my screenshot voltage is on 1163 so I'm wondering can I do something more about that ?

    I also found a lot of threads on google where people are saying that issue was low voltage and they actually increased it and it was fine but I dont even know what is safe voltage for gpu.

    Is it safe to start from 950 and increase core speed by 25 then ? Temperature is never over 70c on 100% load no matter is core speed on 1125 or 850, also everything including voltage is locked on desired value.

    I appreciate any tip, suggestion and help.
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    When you are overclocking you have to take small steps to be you are not jumping too far. Use known safe settings for the cpu or memory while doing this.

    Every GPU has a different tolerance for voltage. You do not seem to be that hard on it voltage wise. Just keep those temps in check and you should be ok. I do allot more cpu overclocking than video card overclocking.
  6. I was way too greedy I guess. I will increase core speed by 25 starting with 950mhz until I dont see textures, when I notice them I will start increasing voltage by 50-100 and monitoring temperature until I dont see them. Hopefully I will find good solution for 1100-1125 core freq since difference in 7-8 fps isnt really small.

    Thanks nukemaster, If anyone have something to add please do that, I will respond in case that I succed with my goal.
  7. Error and textures were issue due to low voltage. I achieved 1025mhz with default voltage but anything higher then that caused crash/error that amd driver stopped working and they have been recovered. With increasing voltage on 1.225 I managed to achieve 1100mhz with 68-70c on 100% usage after full hour. I'm downloading more gaming benchmarks to test can I go even further, something like 1150mhz
  8. Those are not bad clocks at all.
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