How to reduce the size of the System Volume information folder?

Hi all. I have a 300gb main hdd and a 1tb internal storage hdd. I use it for well storage and I also have my backup on it. Now, I understand that the System volume information is important and will be of quit a big size. I expect up to say 100gb, but now it takes over 300GB. Even more annoying, when my secondary Hdd was full, I deleated about 100 GB of stuff I no longer needed. But when my defragmentation software finished, the system volume information folder had taken an other 40GB. Now its closer to 340GB. I am pretty sure I dont have any viruses etc, I keep a close eye on my PC, but I dont really know what takes up that much space.

I DON'T want to delete it, as its quit important I think, but how do I reduce the size to something more reasonable? Say to 100GB WITHOUT taking away anything of use really. (If its even possible).

How do you guys handle it? Any tips?

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  1. This folder is used to keep Restore Points. Go to Control Panel, System, System Protection, and disable it on your secondary drive, and reduce it to about 10% of your primary drive.
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    In start search type Advanced and select View Advanced System Settings
    Select the System Protection tab
    select the drive that as too much space wasted and select configure.
    Adjust the max usage, this should take care of both system restore and shadow copies for you.

    This will reduce the number of files or restore states you can have, so it is a balance of space vs longer term protection.

    Let us know if this helps.
  3. Thanks a bunch guys, I knew I can count on this forum :).

    It did help quit a bit, and I have now reduced it to 150GB which is acceptable.

    I set the slider to 10%. (It was 15%). Do you guys think I should go as low as 5%? Or would it be too low? I mean I do want to have enough restore points and all.

    Anyways, I do know how to control it now, so the main question has been solved. Thanks both for the help.


    Edit: I picked nukemasters solution as the best, but thank you Alabalcho too for your help.
  4. The amount of restore space is a personal preference. I like the user above have it off for file drives and set to 9% on this system(with a small 128gigabyte ssd, that is not too many restore points, but I tend to not need them on this system, gives me about month of rollback).
  5. Thanks, I will play around a bit then.
  6. If you are prone to mistakes, keep it larger, if you rarely if ever have issues, a smaller size just saves you space.

    Remember you can make a restore point before installing software your self if you wish. When it fills up, it will purge the oldest ones too.
  7. Well I don't have issues all that often, and I am able to deal with minor infections etc pretty well. But I once even managed to get my BIOS screwed up, and needed to flush it, so as they say, shit happens :) and I am not the most careful surfer ever so yeah, I guess I keep some space free for backups.

    Well anyways, Cheers.
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