Computer shutdown 7 seconds after power on, non stop beeps


I've built new system from the following parts :
Intel i5-4670k + OEM Heatsink
Gigabyte B85m-HD3
2x2GB HP 1333
Corsair TX750
Fractal Design Define Mini
3x 1TB HDD

After i press power, it start for 7-8 seconds then turn off, and start again after 2 seconds, everything by itself.
I've removed memory > Same
Disconnected all HDD > Same
re-pluged 24pin and 8 pin > Same
Connected speaker > non stop beeps until the shutdown

Any idea ?

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  1. Did you make sure that the Standoffs are in? Also, can you post more information on your RAM.
  2. Standoffs ? like the one screwed into the chassis where the board sits ?
    not sure what to check about them, but everything is in place.

    Memory (almost sure) -
    but since its not inserted now and problem still appear, i'm skeptic
  3. It won't start without RAM anyways, for mATX I think there would be 3 standoffs total, unless they are pre-installed (which they may be on the Fractal) generally they look like 1/2-1 inch brass risers.
  4. i used 6 standoffs and 6 screwes
    the memory should be ok ?
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