Corsair vengeance with vengeance pro be ok?

Hello everyone! After alot of helpful reply's on my last post about my new gaming/rendering pc, I am back again with yet another question!
So got the pc sorted now :D other then a few more small things (Better GPU still to come)
But soon I will be ordering my self some new ram as well as a SSD.

So Question.
Can I put Corsair Vengeance 4gb 1600mzh in with the new ones i will be getting which are 2 4Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 1600mzh (I only ask as I hear that you can't put different makes in together or something so just wanted to check this would be ok.)

Vengeance Pros --
Vengeance I have ATM --

Also whats a good BUDGET SSD (just to load windows and basic programs) Was looking at....
San Disk 128Gb Ultra Plus --
Samsung 120Gb 840 EVO

Dont wanna send to much on the SSD so limit of about 90 quid?

Thanks everyone!!!
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  1. nope. don't mix and match ram... unless you like system instability, crashes and hangups.
  2. They both have same speed, same timings, same voltage and same manufacturer.....As likely as not, without having more specs, the only difference might be the heat sink style. Im not quite sure of ya existing setup but I'm assuming that you have two 4GB modules and are adding two 4GB modules.

    It's not an ideal situation but I have not had a lotta issues upgrading RAM over the years. It's almost impossible to buy a pair of RAM and then find the exact same models a year later....even if ya do, can't be sure manufacturer hasn't changed chip suppliers. Most recent addition was adding two 1866 modules to an existing pair of 1600s....I set both up in the BIOS to match the 1600s speed and timings and had no issues.

    Keep in mind however that if the system is overclocked, ya may find ya OC impacted by the extra load on the MC.....if that's the case, you will either have to relax timings, dial down ya OC or increase voltage.

    If ya just have the one 4 GB module, Id set it aside till ya found a match.
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    If I read right, you have a 4GB and have a pair of 4GB sticks that you are getting, I'd start with the new pair of sticks, and as long as you have the odd 4GB already, can't hurt to try it.....It's never a good idea to go buy DRAM with the intent of mixing it with another stick or set, even of the same exact model, there's no guarantee they will play together, if the are 1600 and up XMP won't fully work as the XMP settings are programmed for the packaged set and packaged sets are tested to ensure all work together.....if any problem, give me a holler, I've worked with these sticks before, should at worse take a minor voltage adjustment and change a couple of the advanced timings

    On the SSd, rather than shop a lot, the Samsung you mention is a good one, if if fits the budget go with it
  4. Right yeah i just have the one 4GB atm but il just take it out and leave it as back up or put it a spare pc :P and will just run the 2 pros together :)
    Yeah cant go wrong with Samsung i guess? ;)

    THANK YOU!!! I will just pick some as the solution so no one else posts :P
    But you all helped me alot.
    Thanks Andrew!
  5. No problem, let us know how it goes, and if you want to try adding the stick, let me know, and I'll give a hand if needed
  6. Got the new ram and is all good wont add the other stick will keep it spear and maybe build a 2nd pc with it or something as have a few spare parts after making this new one :D
  7. Got the new ram and is all good wont add the other stick will keep it spear and maybe build a 2nd pc with it or something as have a few spare parts after making this new one :D
  8. Sounds like a plan ;)
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