AMD FX-6100 runs too hot on stock settings.

I'm running this CPU with the heat-sink that it came with on the Asus Crosshair V Formula(not -Z) and was just curios what my temps were like yesterday with SpeedFan and it was around 50c+ and my my Radeon HD 6900 around 52c+ which seemed a bit on the high side for idle. Started playing BF3 with Ultra(or whatever the max is) and after about an hour to hour half I got a warning msg that my CPU temp was too high, I think my CPU was at 75c and GPU at 65c-69c and BF3 closed automatically. This is the first time I've seen that msg(I think it was from GameFire). I didn't overclock them but I did have to change some setting in the BIOS so my RAM would run at 1600MHz which is what it is but this was months ago. Recently my PC crashed and said my CPU was too hot so I turned off Turbo Boost and it hasn't crashed sense. Shouldn't the stock heat-sink handle stock clock with Turbo Boost?

I am considering an aftermarket heat-sink but haven't found many options for AM3+ socket(would a AM3 heat-sink work?) but that would only solve my CPU issue not my GPU, I would really like to use water cooling for both but I'm afraid to take that leap. I also built it and used Arctic Silver 3.
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  2. I've decided to go with the CM Hyper 212 EVO and 2 120mm fans to swap with. Do you think the thermal paste that comes with it is good enough or is it worth it to get Arctic Silver 5?
  3. The CM bundled paste is very similar to AS 5 and is sufficient, I have used up a couple of tubes of both and can not tell the difference.
  4. Sweet, thanks.
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