Is this a good PC build/suggested upgrades

I'm looking to buy a new computer to replace my ageing and very crap laptop.

The computer I've seen is the Palicomp Alpha Fury:

INTEL Haswell Core i5 4670K (Quad)
Overclocked To 4.4Ghz Per Core
1TB SATA3, 6Gb/s
AMD Radeon HD7850 2GB
ASUS 24'' VS247H LED HDMI HD TFT Monitor

Is this an ok build? I would be using the computer for playing games such as CivV, EU4 and probably a few shooters as well as more standard video and internet uses.

I think I'll be upgrading the PSU (Corsair CX600M) and the heatsink (Arctic cooling). I'm tempted by the 128Gb SSD as well. Are there any other recommended changes and would the SSD be worth it?

I know that to build it myself it would probably be cheaper but it isn't something I'd really like to do at this time (maybe my next computer!).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The radeon 7850 is a pretty lightweight graphics card compared to the cpu .

    Yes SSD's are good to have
  2. Building it yourself is alot cheaper, it also gives you a sense of pride after if that matters, heres a 3 part youtube guide:

    Part 1: Choosing your components

    Part 2: The Build

    Part 3: Installing Windows and Finishing Touches (Drivers)
  3. If you still don't want to build one, that build looks pretty good for the Price. Only thing I would do is take out the 7850 and replace it with a GTX760 or 770
  4. A combination of laziness, a lack of time and no manual dexterity turn me away from building my own computer.

    Is the additional £90/100 worth it for the upgrade in graphics card? A mistake I've made in the past is trying to save money and basically screwing myself over. However, I'm reticent to spend money on minimal improvements (is it minimal?!)
  5. 7850 is more compared to a 650/660. A GTX760 will blow the 7850 out of the water.
  6. So yes, the 760 is worth it.
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