Bad fps on minecraft with radeon 7950 and i5 3750k

So i bought me a new graphics card and i am getting worst fps with this new graphics card. And my old graphics card was a GTX 550ti with 192 cuda cores... I have been working with computers for quit some time an this is a custom build computer and i have invested about 1000$ into it and i dont see why i cant get over 40 fps on minecraft. Here are my specs

i5 3570k 3.40 ghz
radeon 7950 3gb
8gb ram
500watt power supply

Oh and i also get 120+ fps on bf3 on ultra settings every thing high
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  1. With an i3 and integrated graphics I could get upwards of 80fps.

    You should be doing alot better. I would use 64-bi internet explorer to download 64-bit JAVA. This might be the issue. Also, allocate 2gb RAM to minecraft.
  2. Well I have 64bit java and i used to get like 150 fps with my old set up
  3. Well I have 64bit java and i used to get like 150 fps with my old set up
  4. Have you installed the AMD drivers and COMPLETELY removed and UNINSTALLED the nVidia ones?
  5. Yes i installed the the momment i had them.
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    Try re-downloading minecraft and updating JAVA.
  7. Will try
  8. try running the game on 1 or 2 cores.
  9. Okay so i did that and not im getting 130-160 and thanks but doesnt that seem a bit low?
  10. Its running on 4 cores :/
  11. Nope, 130-160 sounds like how it should run. You should have it v-synced to 60fps anyway.
  12. Okay what about on dayz when ever i live stream i go down to like 25-35 fps is that normal cause i usally get 60+ not streamin
  13. Your CPU temps are normal, right?
  14. MAKE it run on 1 or 2 cores............. set affinity.
  15. Yes, As far as i know the cpu temps are fine around 50-62 degrees C....And it is set to affinity
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