Radeon 7950 vs. Nvidia 760

Which is better? I know that nvidia generally has higher speeds and better drivers but radeon you get more memory so I am not sure which one to get. I am set on the 4670k proccesor in case that helps at all and will be using this for mid/light video editing and lots of gaming including call of duty ghosts, battlefeild 4 when they come out and a bunch of other games. Thankyou in advance
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    GTX760 is slightly better but the 7950 is damn close for less money
  2. rolli59 said:
    GTX760 is slightly better but the 7950 is damn close for less money

    I agree. Toms also did their monthly graphics card recommendation. You should check out their article.
  3. There's also the FREE GAME issue:

    1) HD7950 ($200 after $25 rebate)
    - comes with your choice of THREE games from a list (Gold Tier)

    2) GTX760 ($260)
    - Batman Arkham Origins

    About $100 value for the AMD games and $60 for the NVidia.

    I really can't advise either way. Pros and Cons.
  4. And GCN OCs a bit better.
  5. I've had the GTX670, 680 and now HD7950.

    The 7950 is factory o/c to 925MHz and was equal to a completely stock 670 in both 3dmark11 and Heaven11 benchmarks.

    The 7950 o/c well to 1200/5000 or 1100/6800 where it then beats the GTX680 o/c to 1032/6000.

    The 680 has to be o/c to 1150MHz to then pulll ahead of the 7950.

    The 680 needed 1.076v to reach 1032/6000

    The HD7950 needed 1.081v to reach 1000/6000 (factory o/c was 925/5000 with 1.25v). The AMD card has a 384bit memory bus so the bandwidth is huge at 6000MHz, the Nvidia card only has 256bit.

    In reality, a lot of it depends on the games and drivers. eg. a single 680 was awesome in Crysis 3, yet 2x 7950 in crossfire only just beat it. And this is an AMD sponsored/optimised game, but clearly worked better with an Nvidia card.
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