Integrated Intel HD 4600 vs. old Radeon HD 5450?

Until I get my new GPU, I need to use what I have on hand. I can either use my integrated Intel HD Graphics that comes with my 4670k or I can use my old HD 5450 that I bought to replace my old integrated graphics. I haven't found many benchmarks for it, and really the only reason I would use it is because it has 1GB of DDR3 VRAM. Which one should I use? Thanks in advance.
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    I'd definitely say the HD 4600 is better. The HD 5450 isn't mean for gaming at all, though neither is the 4600. However, according to previous threads, the AMD HD 5450 is about equivalent to an Intel HD 3000, so the Intel HD 4600 is the clear winner.
  2. well, based on this, the hd4600 is better, especially since it can potentially use more then 1gb of ddr3 ram.


    the 5450 is class 4, while the hd4600 is class 3 (class 1 is the best)
  3. Intel's 4600 integrated graphics are ~9 times stronger than your Radeon 5450. Can't really believe I'm saying that... integrated graphics... but the 5450 is just, very weak.
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