Final thoughts/suggestions before I order

Finally think I'm ready to start ordering the parts. Just want to get some extra thoughts about the build.

Should I be looking to get thermal compound?

I could get Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 OC 1000MHZ 3.0GB 5.5GHZ for $289.99 instead... so basically $130+ cheaper. Would I see a big difference between the 2 cards?
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    The two cards are pretty evenly matched:
    For gaming at 1080p, 2GB is fine. And remember, the more VRAM the card has, the more system RAM the OS will set aside for it.

    The rest of the build looks good. I don't know if the cooler you chose comes with thermal paste or not. It might be best to order some MX-4 just in case. Besides, it's always good to have on hand.
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