Reinstalling Windows 8 with OEM Disk?

Hey Guys,

I have just build my PC and i'm running Windows 8 as my OS. Now if i were to wipe my disk for a reason, such as a virus or just built up junk (I don't have both). Would i just use my old Windows 8 OEM disk and reinstall from there? Would my Windows 8 Key work?

Thanks in advance.
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    Yes and you can reinstall it an infinite number of times.
  2. Even with OEM disk?

    I wouldn't be able to install on a different computer unlimited times right?
  3. Yes, you can reinstall as many times as needed on the same computer. If you have any trouble activating with the key, it just takes a quick call to Microsoft to correct it.
  4. Windows 8 oem is transferable so yes even on a different pc. There is just a time period between activations if it's on a different pc and can only be on 1 pc at a time.
  5. I just format my drive and reinstall it like normal?
  6. What does the "time period between activation" mean? Do you have to wait for you to install Windows again?
  7. So as long as i format my SSD, i can reinstall it with the same Key and DVD?
  8. You don't have to format it, just put in the cd and boot to the cd.
  9. I don't have to Format my drive when starting off clean? Ex. if i had a problem or a virus, isn't the best way, if no anti-virus can get rid of it, to just format and restart fresh with a clean install?
  10. The install process does a "quick format" which basically deletes everything from the drive, then installs.
  11. When you do a clean install it does a quick format. The virus can't run without windows running.
  12. Probably best to install to Unallocated Space by deleting all partitions to ensure proper creation of 350Mb System Reserved
  13. hmm.. if i do reinstall, all the viruses, malware, junk would be gone right?
  14. What's Unallocated Space? I think i do remember seeing a 350mb partition for system reserved!
  15. resurrection64 said:
    What's Unallocated Space? I think i do remember seeing a 350mb partition for system reserved!

    Unallocated Space is the area on your disk hhat has not been formatted and partitioned. When you get to the screen 'Where do you want to Install Windows' choose Drive Options (Advanced) to delete all Partitions until all you are left with is Unallocated Space, then install Windows without creating Partitions or Formatting. That way you will get a clean install, no malware, and everything in it's place the way Windows wants it...
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