Having a USB problem with a new build

Hey Tom's!

First, its not a really new build, but it is recently built. Basically it went like this:

My friend gave me his Dell XPS 630i. Which I love the case. So I moved all of my main internals (2500K, GTX570, etc) into the case. The 630i came into my hands with a E8400 and a Dell nVidia motherboard.

I decided to employ the E8400 to be a computer for home while I am away at school. I just installed Windows (legit) today on a Corsair Neutron SSD. The install went fine and everything worked...except for the mouse.

None of the USB ports seem to work. I cannot understand why. None of the lights on the mouse light up, and when they did, the mouse didnt work and did not show up in Device Manager. The USB keyboard didnt work either, but I was using a PS/2 keyboard anyway.

Worst case scenario, I use the mouse PS/2 connector with an adapter, but I would like for the USB ports to work. Any ideas? I can give a full description of the setup if needed.

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  1. Are there any yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager? Win (7?) should have loaded drivers for USB2.0
    Usually USB3.0 you need to load your own drivers for.
  2. The only one I believe said something like "Media Center Hub" or something along those lines. I checked under USB and couldnt find anything.

    It doesnt show the mouse under "mouse" either in the hardware tab. I might just try a fresh install again. I didnt have the mouse through the Windows setup today either.
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    If you are installing to a SSD, there are a few 'quirks' that need to be addressed that wouldn't have to be with a HDD. Check out these tutorials:

    I don't think anything in them would relate to your USB issue, but they are good to follow for best performance from the SSD.
  4. Darn, wish I saw that when I installed my SSD on my main. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Yeah. Most of those you can do after installation fortunately.
  6. Hey, those SSD tips were great! I must have cleared about 30-40GB off of my Samsung 830! Thanks!

    EDIT: Goes to show how much junk I had. That "Spacesniffer" thing is the best.
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