Whats the deal with my resolution?

So since I started using the 32inch tv my parents gave me, I have always had it on 1600x900 because I just thought everything looked its best like that. Recently I saw that it recommends 1900x900 but when I put it on that resolution, text is really small and there is big blank spaces of wasted space on every web page. (example: Notice how on the right side there is a lot of just white space.) As I said above the text is so small I can hardly read it.

The biggest thing is people say it looks better in games at the max resolution but I said I find everything to be to small but I think the graphics do look a bit better. So what do I do?

I was hoping you guys explain what the real difference is and if there is any fix to my problem.
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  1. The white space is normal, but if the text is too small you can enlarge it in Control Panel > Display and on "Make it easier to read" click on the bullet next to the next size bigger or whatever you like.
    As far as games are concerned, you will have to go into each games video settings and adjust them to what you like, look for something like "interface scale" "UI scale" etc.
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    further to the last post as you make text larger the white spaces will get smaller.if this is windows 7 go to control panel,display,and set text to medium or large depending on what looks right for you. you can even go to custom dpi settings in display to set a custom will also probably want to set it in your browser as well. depending on your browser go to settings to adjust or zoom size (also in settings).
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