What should my priority be for upgrading

Hello thank you for reading my thread, I've been looking to upgrade my Monitor, keyboard, headset and possibly mouse.

I recently just built a new computer so everything i have is from 2003 currently i'm using a 18" 4:3 monitor a really old keyboard and a $15 walmart headset, I do however have a decent mouse it's a Ttesports theron.

The monitor is my main priority because i cant stand this little monitor, I mainly play FPS competive but sometimes also play rts and mmos, I've been looking at the asus 144hz monitor since all i hear is it's great for fps but i'm not sure if i should get it because of my budget.

Currently i have $300 to spend on peripherals, I need help deciding on either a 144hz 24" monitor or a 60hz 24" monitor and a mechanical keyboard and possible a cheap but better headset.

Any help would be great, I've been reading that for a 144hz monitor its required to run 100+ fps so i will list my specs below, All the games i play are on high to ultra settings and i'm always over 100+ fps besides certain situations.

CPU: Fx-8350
Cooler: 212 Evo
Mobo: GA-990fx-ud3
Memory: 16gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz
GPU: MSI HD-7870 Ghz
HDD: Seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm
SSD: Sandisk 128gb
PSU: XFX core 550w psu bronze
Case: Tempest 210

Once again, Thank you for reading this and i appreciate any feedback. Have a nice day
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    I think it depends on how soon you would be able to get some more money to upgrade again, if its maybe a few months to get another 1-200 to upgrade, i would go with a 144Hz monitor, but if its going to be 6+ months, you may want to get a 60hz monitor and a decent keyboard/headset.

    I have gamed on 60Hz monitors for many years, and they work perfectly fine for me
    I have only used a 144Hz monitor once, and it was in 3D mode, so unfortunately i have nothing to compare it to

    If it were me, and my money, i would likely buy the 60Hz monitor and save the rest
    and wait for a good sale on a keyboard/headset/mouse
  2. Considering what your looking to buy, get a 60hz 1080p screen. Getting a 120hz will just chew up too much of your budget, if not just outright exceed it on its own.

    Your mouse is fine, or at least better than the rest of your peripherals so I wouldn't upgrade that unless you have some reason too.
    Keyboard, would spend ~$75 here for an entry level mechanical keyboard, something like a Coolermaster Quickfire or Ducky Zero. Make sure to pick a Keyswitch that suits your preferences.
    Headset, TBH I'm pretty out of the loop with this as I haven't looked into them since I got a Razer Carcharias a few years ago. Would be looking to spend ~$75 here.
    Monitor, get yourself an eIPS 1080p screen. With your budget, its going to be something like 22-23" in size. Something like this would be a good option.
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