What would you do? Return a 780, SLI a 670 FTW and or wait for the newer cards?

I am having quite the debate in my mind of what to do. I am not totally blown away by the 780...I mean not to say its not a great card, it is. But I "still" have my 670 FTW card...and im reading about the newer cards coming out, should I return the 780 and A. get my money back and hang onto it for a bit or B. get my money back and grab a 2nd 670 and SLI the two and then when the new AMDs come out OR the new Maxwell cards bundle the 2 670s together and sell them or C. keep the 780 and sell the 670 and then use the 780 to sell towards the newer cards?

What say you guys?
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  1. I wouldn't bother getting a second 670 unless you can get a really good deal for your 780 and find a cheap 670. Really it's down to you, if you can return the 780 for a full refund and you were happy with your 670s performance you may as well. Alternately if you don't want to live with a single 670s performance sell the 670 now while it's relatively recent tech. Basically stay away from multi gpus setups unless it's for some reason very economical or you can't get a single gpu fast enough for what you want such as 4k gaming (which doesn't really exist atm).

    In your situation i would probably sell the 670 you have and sit on your 780 until the release after Maxwell
  2. Well what I mean is that I am in the return period for the 780. I could return it and get over 700 back and then look for a 670 for 2-3 bucks.

    Im just torn, I mean its a nice card....but I feel like the price just doesn't justify the performance, or am I wrong about that? Because my 670 seemed to do I could set things to high, and turn AA off and it would look great on the 1440p monitor.

    Anyone else able to weigh in a bit?
  3. I would return it if you were getting good performance already as in my opinion it isn't woth upgrading every generation.
    Hell I'm still using a 5850 which I may replace now that r2** is around the corner. Though it can't max anything new I haven't found anything it can't do at medium-high with 60fps on a 1080 screen so I could imagine what a gtx670 would be like.
  4. Well the only small difference is the 1440p resolution.

    Im just so torn on it, im just curious if anyone else purchased a 780 and felt the same way when they got using it.
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    I was just about in the same boat as you but then the same 670 I bought a while back went on sale for $300 and got another free game with it. 670SLI will hold its own for some time to come in any game maxed out. im waiting to see if the new AMD is that much more amazing and pull that trigger or just hang until 800 series. nVidia drivers > AMDs. 670 to 780 isn't going to be a mind blowing change for the $.
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