wierd fps drop in GW2. everything was fine before.

the effects of this fps drop are 3/4s input to screen-response latency, very low performance of computer(what normally was on settings that looked astounding at 30 fps now chugs at 15) and the gamma in game reverts to desktop gamma everytime i load a new instance. this will revert to game gamma when the gamma slider is touched by revert after instance change. this all in full screen 1366 x 768.
the input to screen-response latency before was much much less noticable.

+intel i5 2.3 ghz that turbos to 2.9ghz. thats what the dealer told me. high performance / power saving switching comes with.
+amd radeon 6700M series with 1gb VRAM
+600gb HDD
+8gb RAM
+had about 5 power failures with the battery unplugged to minimize heat. arcing? its a maybe.
+running the catalyst 13.9 driver.
+i regularly use razer game booster. its possible ive selected to inhibit a crucial game performance task.
+fan had wierd clicking noise like a stone was bouncing around the fan back when i bought this laptop 1 year and 8 months ago but havent had that crickety clicking from the fan since then.
+defragged 3 weeks ago.

its possible that this MMO is being inhibited by my service provider or some new windows settings or driver.
its never been a problem in the past and always had a sense of fluidity. ive played since release august 2012.
never had this problem until recently.
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    Is it for instance a more crowded area? That dual core won't do much good in WvWvW for instance. It might also be thermal throttling, run a program like furmark and keep an eye on temps if they get to about 85+c shut down furmark. ALso keep in mind the rate at which the temps increase. If its a steady increase then its usually alright if it gets up to 80+ degrees. But if it just jumps to 80+ within 2 seconds then somethings wrong. This will stress out your GPU. For CPU stressing prime95s pretty good though you will need a 3rd party program to check temps. Such as CPU-Z or HWmonitor.

    Run these for about 10-15 minutes each and don't run them together. CPU/GPU = shut down the program if it gets to 85+ really quickly as mentioned.

    It might also be something to do with your video card drivers as you mentioned gamma being odd. This can also occur if the game goes into windowed mode and then full screen again (dunno why it would but its something worth mentioning)

    Since its a laptop download the GPU drivers directly from the laptop manufacturer and not from the GPU manufacturer.
  2. +all the conditions are consistent in low population instances and high. i notice small increases when looking at the sky but thats normal for dx 3d games. even in wvw i could just put some of the graphs down and it would be consistent.
    +i used speedfan to test my temps.
    +i ran prime95 with 4 workers. the temperatures immediately went from 54 c to 66 c and then rested at 70 c before climbing slowly to 84 c over the course of 6 minutes. after 6 minutes i closed it down for fear it would reach this 85 c "boundary".
    +using furmark i got the gpu to slowly rise from 55 c to 60 c where it plateaued for 15m.
    +windows open and cooling pad set on top of a couple books to provide air flow.
    +theres issues with the HP pavilion dv6's. hp hasnt updated the drivers on their website for 4 years, so the last time i cleaned all mention of amd from my computer entirely and then reinstalled i started with the 4 year old driver then moved on to the latest catalyst. theres a chance that these drivers are the culprit. i can roll back everything amd tomorrow but its going to take some time.

    thanks for the help! please raise me from this confusion because i dont know whats going wrong. i believe i have high performance selected in the CCC as i have had that mistake before. that gave the same symptoms but not the gamma issue.
  3. this is really strange. i just swapped to power saving and then swapped back to high performance. all the performance hits and latency issues are completely gone! this is the strangest bug ive seen. i also found that the mod immersive combat mod 1.4 is causing the gamma issues. wow solved it.
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