My pc crashes AFTER ive closed my game/program.

At the title states, my pc crashes with a random solid color on the screen, almost everytime i alt+tab or just exit a game/program that causes some sort of heavy load on my components, Ex, baf3, WoW, furmark and splintercell. It is rare that it crashes in-game. I ran a furmark burn-in test for 15 minuttes, it all went fine, max temp was 73c but as soon as i closed the burn-in, my pc just froze. Same happens everytime i alt+tab out of a game, please help!
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  1. Have you tried updating your video driver or possibly downgrade the video driver to a known good version?
  2. Yeah, i have tried most nvidia drivers, nothing changes, it still crashes...
  3. Are there any errors related to the problem in your event viewer? Of course, if the computer hard locks, it may not have a chance to write to the event log.
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