I think I need a new Motherboard. How do I get the right one?

I have a Packard Bell, EasyNote TK87-GU-925UK that keeps BSOD.

The error is stop 0x50 with ntfs.sys as the likely culprit. Looking up the code shows me that it is:

Defective hardware (particularly memory - but not just RAM), Faulty system service, Antivirus, Device driver, NTFS corruption, BIOS

What I have done so far:

Run memtest86 for 8 passes and found a faulty RAM chip. Replaced that, still BSOD
Run Memtest again, no fault.
Run Seatolls in DOS mode (extended) and found no errors.
Started in safe mode and removed the Atheros device that was flagged up. Rebooted, did not reinstall Atheros, still BSOD.
Uninstalled Intel Rapid Storage
Tested HD again with WD Data Lifeguard - no faults
Killed all processes and scanned with Windows Security Essentials offline - no errors, still BSOD.
|Tried for an OEM install of Win7. All goes well until the final stps "Setting up computer for first use", then BSOD.

Caught in loop now.

Any ideas - is it the MB?
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  1. I would run prime 95 for a couple of hours which would help pin point your issue http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft/ if your computer passed memtest86 you are already half way there. run the prime 95 see if it happens again which would really stress your other components of your system as well as checking your temperatures which can lead to blue screens and other weird issues. if you do have a temp issue you might want to invest some time in buying some thermal compound and some 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean your processor with. just look for a guide on how to take your laptop apart. you should also buy a can of air to remove any dust from your system, if you still see errors I would recommend looking at some of your other components like your battery or charger. use this tool to monitor your battery http://www.passmark.com/products/batmon.htm I would also try another charger or simply buying a replacement to try and see if you have a weird problem with your charger which can cause weird errors over time and then end up making your computer un bootable until you find a replacement
  2. Hi and thanks for the advice.

    I can't boot to windows to run prime 95. I'm stuck in an install loop where it keeps rebooting, attempting to install Windows then crashing with BSOD.

    What else can I do?
  3. do you have access to something like a linux live cd?
  4. Not to hand, but I'm sure I can download one if you help me with the procedure once I have done so.
  5. It's fairly simple just download and burn the disc, put it into your computer and then hit f11 or f8 to get into the boot menu, and then select boot from dvd drive. Another thing is do you notice a lot of heat around the left side of your computer or where any of the fans are located?
  6. Forgot then you just hit enter and then just play around with it so it's using your computer
  7. Hmmm. Started running prime95, then it just crashed a couple of minutes in!
  8. I bet it did, running prime95 & simply straining the system will NOT help you find the problem as it will simply crash! IRST ( Intel Rapid Storage Technology ) ? Why would you uninstall it ? makes little to no sense! Have you considered simply updating your drivers before uninstalling vital software? WOW

    Life is Hard, It's even Harder if your stupid! ....John Wayne
  9. >>IRST ( Intel Rapid Storage Technology ) ? Why would you uninstall it ?

    Just following instructions given in a different forum.

    BTW - I'm using a different power supply now and Prime95 working away nicely - maybe EatMyPie was right about the PSU being a possible cause.

    Thanks for your help EatMyPie.

    I'll report back with my findings after it has run for a while.
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