Dell 3100C graphics card upgrade issue Geforce 8400 GS blue screen

Hi, I have a Dell 3100C desktop, spec 3ghz P4 processor and 2gb RAM. I have tried to fit a GeForce 8400 GS 256mb PCI-E (1) graphics card but the PC blue screens constantly. Have tried installing the drivers, disabling the onboard graphics etc, even swapped the 8400 with an identical card but still the same blue screen.

It boots into safe mode using the 8400 but it will not boot normally. If I remove the card and use onboard then it is fine!

Blue screen talks about memory parity issues and hardware failure.

I'm confused because this SHOULD work. I have even plugged in a 450w PSU in case the existing PSU wasn't delivering enough juice!

Any help and guidance gratefully received!
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  1. Well, further to my last post, I have updated all drivers (chipset, bios etc) but I really think this is a driver issue and that current 8400 GS drivers don't support an old version of the card. I have given up and thrown the card into a drawer and ordered a boxed GeForce FX 5200 128mb. Not as good but it fits straight into the old PCI slot and it comes with XP drivers. If that blue screens then I will throw my computer in the bin and go and buy a new one.

    Rant over!

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