Cheap gaming Build for a friend suggestions and will it work?

2a85xn-wifi motherboard - 100 dollars
A10 5800K - 100 dollars
HD 7770 - 100 dollars /maybe
HD 6670 / crossfire
: EVGA HADRON - 150-200 dollars

He's not willing to swap the case, I wanted to go with the FX-6300 but there are no mini-itx AM3+ motherboards that I know of.

Our budget is 500 dollars as he only has 600 dollars and he wants to get a monitor in addition.

The I3's are out of the question.

Any suggestions? Also, do you think it will fit and work? I'm pretty sure the parts will work together, and I'm pretty sure it'll fit in that small case.
He's salvaging hard drives / SSD's from his laptop , I believe that'll work, right?
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  1. I wouldn't pair an APU with a discrete card. Dual graphics isn't working the way it should yet. You can get a lot of gaming PC for $500. hang on a sec and I'll get you a build.

    Since it's not listed, I'm assuming he already has a mouse and keyboard. Let me know if that needs to be bought with part of the $500 budget.
  2. If you are going to get a dedicated graphics card I recommend not going with an A10 or any of the AMD APU options. With the motherboard selected crossfire is out of the question because it only has one PCIe slot.

    Either your friend will need to change the case or he will be wasting his money with an A10 + dedicated graphics card. If you do decide to stick with the A10 you will want to get the fastest RAM thats within budget because it has a big impact on the performance of the chip.
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    I strongly recommend going up to at least a microATX case. what you can get for $500 in mini-ITX is severely limited, while you can build a strong gaming machine on $500 with micro ATX/ATX.

    If he absolutely refuses, we need the make/model of his case. This is pretty critical, as we need to know clearance inside the case. Whether it's a cube or a slimline tower and the inside measurements affects what video card will fit (if any).
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