Is 8320 the same as 8350 just with a lower clock speed?

If this is true, couldn't you just overclock the 8320 and it would be the exact same as an 8350?
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    you can overclock 8320 so that it reaches 8350 perfomance, but still in terms of perfomance 8350 is a better cpu and thats why it costs more
  2. yep the only difrence is the 8350 could be slightly more likely to reach a higher clock speed but other then that no
  3. Thanks fr answering.
  4. Buying an FX 8350, you are essentially paying AMD to do what you can do yourself with an FX 8320. FX 8350 is a factory overclocked 8320 for all intents and purposes. The 8350 might be binned slightly better and receive a better max overclock on expensive motherboard and cooling solutions. For most people looking at going with AMD FX chips, it is best to save the money on the FX 8320 and spend it elsewhere.
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