Next gen gaming PC upgrade question

Looking to upgrade my computer but have it be powerful enough for next gen gaming.

I'm considering getting something like this.

Intel Core i5-4670K + MSI Z87-G45 Gaming cost $354.98

Right now I'm using an I7 920 plugged into a EVGA 3x SLI with 24 GB triple channel. But it doesn't have some of the newer features like USB 3.0 or SATA 3 and I think it only has PCI Express 2.

And I currently have a Nvidia 760 that will go into the next system.

It's basically stock speeds though I have tooled with OC a bit in the past.

I have had this thing since about a month after I7 released.

I'm not 100% sure I need an upgrade, nothing is broken and things still seem to run fine, but it's been 5 years that I have had it.

I guess i'm looking for advice for next gen gaming. The new consoles are both 8 core and 64 bit and rumors have it that the next gen PC games are finally crossing over to 64 bit.

So I guess to keep it short, I am wondering what would be a nice future proof system something that will last another 5 years with video card upgrades.

Is it the 4760 k a 4770 (k) or something from AMD perhaps something with 8 cores, what do you recommend?

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  1. Next gen gaming wont be that demanding. A PS4 is pretty much a slow 8 core cpu and an HD 7870. 2 of its 8 gb of ram will be reserved for os and apps etc.

    I am assuming your referring to next gen consoles, since PC's don't really have generations.
    With that said the baseline spec is pretty clear. As with this gen expect pc games to be held back by the spec of consoles.

    As for pc only games, i'd expect the nvidia 7xx range to be the go to higher end card over the coming year.
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    Honestly, a decent cooler and overclock on that 920 is plenty still. There isn't a single GPU graphics card out there that can saturate a PCI-E 2.0 yet, so you are fine there too. Buy your better GPU and enjoy. Unless something dies, you are fine till at least Broadwell.
  3. I appreciate your insights.

    My only problem is I am not a skilled overclocker. Mostly I just use the built in OC system, but I don't trust it. I know enough to know it sets my voltages way too high and the chip runs real hot. The auto OC puts it around 3.5 but prime 95 will get it up to 80C pretty quickly which is where I generally shut down Prime 95.
  4. I am sure there are plenty of OC guides on here for your CPU if you do a little searching.
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