Compatibility of Core i3 2100 (2nd gen) cpu with Asus B75M-A motherboard REV 3.0?

I have been using my i3 2100 with asus p8h61-m lx for a couple of years, suddenly stopped giving display, it was found that the mobo was damaged and was not repairable. After reading compatibility, I bought an Asus B75M-A. Even with that I cannot get display, the dealer says that my board has an updated BIOS which does not support the 2nd gen processors which in my opinion is ridiculous.
Can anybody advise?
Thanks in advance!
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    The mobo has supported the 2100 since BIOS revision 0212

    CPU Support:
  2. Thank you for your response!

    Apologies for being a noob, but is there any chance that the updated BIOS does NOT support the processor? As the dealer said, I need to put his incorrect knowledge in front of him.
  3. Print it off and take it with you
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