Newly built system - CPU fan very noisy on start up

I've just built my firt rig this afternoon and I'm currently installing the OS. Whilst building I accidentally hooked up the power and started up to test the components, but I had forgotten to put the CPU cooler. I quickly realized and switched off after only a couple seconds.
Now, when I boot my PC, the fan is silent until just after the post beep when suddenly it goes really, really loud. After a few seconds it slows down to a normal pace. Could my earlier mistake have caused this or is this a normal occurrence. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Cooler model?
  2. just the stock cooler on an i5 3570K
  3. It is not something important in my opinion. You should be concerned only if the cooler was constanlty noisy
  4. No I agree but I was wondering whether I might have caused some CPU damage or whether it was just the fan being a bit slow to kick in thats all.
  5. If your cpu was damaged, i do not think that your pc would operate. If your mobo has some kind of off bios control software, check if the cpu cooler is not recognized. Otherwise, nothing important...
  6. I have seen boards do that in the past.

    My X58A UD5 does something similar, my fan does not even spin up right away then it revs up(this ensures the fan is spinning before slow down) and slows down.

    Your cpu has built in protection, it is not good for it, but one time should not have killed it.

    Also check the bios to see if it is set to PWM or Voltage for the cpu cooler. Some boards do not rev pwm fans. Then again others do it with all fans.
  7. I'm using a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H mother board, quite up-to-date and what not...
  8. My ASRock Z77 Extreme4 does the same thing on start up: the stock CPU cooler fan revs high for about 2 seconds, and then ramps down until it is almost silent.
  9. I think you just got your answer.
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