4770k oc help

CPU: 4770K
MOBO: Maximus 6 extreme
GPU: 2x evga gtx680 sli
Cooling: H110 PUSH/PULL
Ram: 16gb crucial 1600mhz
PSU: Corsair 1050 hx
BOOT DRIVE: Corsair gt 480gb
HD: 2x2tb WD Red raid 0
Case: 900d

HI, I finally got a stable oc of 4.5ghz.. Ran prime for 4hrs
cache ratio: 42
CPU volt: 1.365 with LLC bumping it up to 1.376 during prime
Cache volt: 1.25
CPU input bolt: 1.9
Speed Step: off
Turbo: on
everything else on auto

Where do i go from here? if i bump the cpu volt by -.003 it will BOSD during prime and my temp doesn't go over 85c just hover around high 70's. Do i keep lowering the cache volt till it becomes unstable or lower the input volt? and what about system agent volt? do i leave it on auto
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  1. Have you tried the 4way optimazation feature?
    You might get better results with less effort :
  2. did try the 4way but keep bsod since the vcore wasnt enough to keep it stable
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  4. only thing these vid tell me is just change the cpu ratio/ vcore and leave everything else auto . i want to know if theres anyway to lower my vcore while keeping the system stable or fine tuning at my current vcore. For i started at 4.6 at 1.28vcore and sytstem boot and never crash while running games or anything untill i run prime...does it mean its stable...prob not but at 4.5 with 1.365 prime doesnt bsod my system
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