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I'm looking to buy some bare desktop drives to use for archiving video. The drives will only be accessed a couple times a week, used in a usb3 dock, then stored away.

Can you please suggest what type of drives/models I should consider? I'm a fan of WD usually but the black drives are a little pricey these days. Looking for price vs reliability, 2 or 3tb size.

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    First you should confirm what drive sizes your dock works with.
    As for reliability, all drives break so never trust your data to one device/location. the more copies you make the safer you are.

    If blacks are too expensive for you I guess RE's are out of the question so that leave Blue's. Reds can be used but they are 5400 rpm drive, as are the Greens. {not sure what performance you want from these drives}

    Please make sure you eject them from the system properly and allow them to stop spinning before you try to move them.
  2. Thanks. The dock will work with drives upto 3tb, but so far from reviews 2tb drives seem a little more reliable i think?
    I always buy drives in pairs and mirror the data so i have at least 2 copies. Not too bothered about speed, mainly just archiving and grabbing something when needed.
    The red drives look interesting, does it matter that they are spun up over and over, does that wear them seeing as they're designed for be on 24/7?
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