Computer Case and general build recommendations

I'm building a PC, and i need recommendations for a Case, PSU and whatever you think else i should get. Thanks!

I have:
Intel i7 4770k (3.5Ghz)
MSI R7950 3Gb twin frozr
8Gb (2x 4Gb) 1866Ghz corsair DDR3 RAM
2Tb Seagate Barracuda HDD

yet to get:
a medium SSD (120-180Gb)
thermal paste

So what i need from you is:

a suitable power supply for these and any fans (modular? hybrid?) i tried using extreme outer vision for a projected power draw, but it was useless) probably < 750W though

A case. - I have to be fussy here, as the space for a PC is limited in my room. it will be close to a wall at the back and right hand side (looking from the front), so cannot have a vent/fan (but intake might be alright) on the back or right side. It will on a carpeted floor, unless i get something to stand it on, so cannot have a vent/fan/intake on the bottom.
I don't care too much about lighting, and i think windows aren't all that great, so i don't mind too much about them (though i don't want an ugly case!)
i was thinking maybe a zalman z9 or z11, but the fans are not in good positions for me

I've heard that the i7 4770k can get quite hot, and so i'll need a fair few fans, so:
How many? What type? What type of controller should i get?

What else do you think i should get? As for the parts above, they are all purhased already, so please don't ask me to replace them.

Thank You for your help!!!
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    A 550w power supply should do fine, maybe one of these
    for the case, have a look at the NZXT Phantom or the Corsair 400R.
    Do you want to overclock? if you are you would want to look at some extra cooling, otherwise i wouldnt think you would need to.
  2. both have a rear vent or 2, but i may just suck it up and deal with it by protecting the wall somehow
  3. yeah, i wouldn't think you would have any issues but better safe then sorry i guess.
  4. I had another look at the NZXT, and frankly it just looks sexy. Thanks for the suggestion
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