Will the Intel Core i5-3570 max out top of the line games?

I am building my first gaming pc, and I am trying to spend around $800, the processor I have is the Intel Core i5-3570 and the gparhics card is the GIGABYTE GV-N660OC-2GD GeForce GTX 660 .
Will these work well together?

Note the links are to the newegg product pages so you can see what products I am talking about :)
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  1. the 3570 will do you good. The 660, not so much. It's a last gen card and gets beat by lots of newer cards. With AMD's new cards being released today, I would wait till some benchmarks come in to see how it does against the current 7xx series of Nvidia.
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    The should work well together, although others may suggest a better deal.

    An HD 7870 would give you better performance than the GTX 660.
  3. now the R2 290x is coming, every AMD GPU price should get lower soon, I would wait a few weeks.
  4. the 660 is a perfectly good card and will play most games on high settings 1080p with good fps. Crysis 3 is not an easy game to max out but it will run it well on med-high settings.
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