Computer doesnt turn on when Graphics card power plugged in

So hey guys, i was just reconnecting my pc wires etc. I was ready to turn on my pc but it wouldn't boot, it would make like a electrical noise and not turn on, after cross checking for around a couple of hours i noticed something, when i unplugged my graphics card (GTX 550TI) 4 pin power cable, the computer would boot just fine. So i borrowed a friends 440 and it works just fine.

Im not sure what to do, is the cable broken where you power up the graphics card or is it the graphics card itself? When the 550ti is plugged in normally, without the 4 pin power it works just fine and boots, as soon as i connect power to it, my PC doesn't boot.

Help would be appreciated!

*EDIT* Ive had this PC for a couple of years and its worked just fine. The PSU is a cooler master 500w.
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  1. *Update* Bought a new 600w PSU. Il need it along the line anyway, was planning on getting a gtx 660ti. Gutted if the GFX is actually fried.
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