[urgent] Laptop fallen - Need help to diagnose HDD

My laptop fell while running around 2 feet. Here's what happened then.

1. Started my Laptop, didn't show GRUB, simply said HDD not found.
2. Restarted my laptop, showed grub, started Ubuntu, stuff kept crashing, I shut my computer down.
3. Restarted, back to no GRUB and HDD not found
4. Booted from Ubuntu live CD, My 640 gig drive is visible. I can mount it and read write stuff.

What do you think has happened?
I've shut my computer down, I need some quick solid advice on how to diagnose my hard disk and find out if I can get it repaired or buy a new one.
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    You may have have had some bad sectors.

    I would try to get Western Digital's software to run from a CD/USB drive to give the drive a test.
  2. was the drive powered off when you bounced it off the ground?
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