Need advice: mSATA SSD in MiniPCIe slot for Laptop

Hi there.

My Laptop has an unused Mini PCI-Express Slot that is supposed to be used for a WWAN Card, WiMAX Card, or GPS Card. I’d like to install an mSata SSD (preferably 128GB) into that slot, but I don’t know how to identify which cards are compatible and which ones are not.

I know that mSata and MiniPCIe use very similar physical interfaces, but I did my research and found out that these mSata SSDs are not supposed to be electronically compatible with MiniPCIe slots. I read that the SSD itself has to have a Sata Controller in order for it to work with a MiniPCIe slot. Luckily for me, these have already been introduced by Samsung, however I have no idea how to identify which ones have a Sata Controller and are compatible with my MiniPCIe Slot.

Does anyone have any advice?

These pages might be of assistance:
- (Given this was a 2009 article, I’m assuming they’ve come out with higher capacity SSD’s like this by now)

Also, here is a high resolution picture of the slot inside my computer if there is any information someone can obtain by looking at it:

P.S. I read an article attached in the “Useful SSD Articles” sticky about MSATA SSD’s in Laptops (found here:, but it didn’t specifically answer my question.
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  1. although msata and mpcie are physically the same, they are electrically different. You would need an mpcie ssd which I beleive are only marketed by supertalent. just google for mini pcie ssd.

    this applies only if the mini pcie port is wired as a pcie port. Somethimes they get wired as usb or msata but since you say its for a wifi card then its pretty much got to be pcie.
  2. How would I know though when shopping online for one of these things if it is compatible with my system? I can always ask the sellers, but you can never guarantee that you'll receive a genuine answer from them.
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    indeed! You should also be asking about return policies and restocking fees.
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