Slow Startup Windows 8?

I recently got a new PC, it's only 21 days old. I have an issue, if I don't use the computer for about 12 hours then turn it on, it is so slow.
It takes forever to log into my account, open programs, open games and even search the web. I have NO viruses on my computer, scanned it over 2 times.
I was thinking it was Avira anti-virus since the lag stopped when the update message popped up, but I'm not certain. Anyone else have this issue or have any fixes?

Any kind of help is very appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    Might disable Avira and try AVG Free, and see if problem persist, seems Avira has a problem like this
  2. check that the cmos battery installed right and not lose. sound like the mb loosing it settngs after power off and causing windows to reset the hardware on cold post.
  3. Windows Defender has M'Soft Security Essentials built-in, and you shouldn't run Avira concurrently. IMO Defender should be all the protection you need for normal use, just uninstall Avira and see if it improves...
  4. Thanks for the help, it seems that getting rid of Avira was the solution. Thanks to everyone who replied. ^^
  5. Glad all is well, thought we lost you there for awhile, have fun ;)
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