Need help picking a Good PSU.

Hey guys, This is the build i will be getting So i think 600w-700w will be fine so,
I'm looking for a quiet and efficient 600-700W PSU, because i will be buying a new build and want to have a decent psu. I'm currently looking for something modular, or Semi Modular. If anyone could recommend me one, that would be great. My price range is 10-75$ maybe 80 if it is guaranteed a good brand and fully modular. I know it is a small budget but the power supply i have right now is what i was thinking originally, is it good? Will it be quite? Thanks! I really dont think i will be going SLI, tbh but you never know.
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  1. cosair has few good units in your price range. a lot of time there 750w units are on sale for 60 with rebates.
  2. i made some slight changes
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