overclocking amd phenom II x4 955 be from 3.2 ghz to 3.6

How much do i need to bump the voltage to to overclock the phenom ii x4 955be from 3.2 ghz to 3.6.
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  1. every chip and mobo are different, some (like mine) required nothing to get 3.5ghz while others have had to put .015 in theirs, its all depending.
  2. Up the multiplier to x18, keep the base clock at 200Mhz [do not overclock it unless shooting for 4Ghz or above] increase vcore to 1.45 and keep reducing it by a factor of 0.250V until you find the lowest vcore for a stable overclock make sure you have a good CPU cooler and a 80 Plus rated power supply and your Motherboard should support 140 Watt processors if you wanna overclock Phenom II's
  3. you can incease the HyperTransport speeds for a better gain in real world performance
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    you do not need to raise the voltage at all unless it is a pretty big jump I overclocked my phenom II x6 1045T from 2.70 to 3.40 ghz torture tested with prime 95 for 8 hours and my games play a lot smoother no issues and no voltage messed with you could use AMD over drive to raise the Multi but you don't need to raise it much to reach 3.6 as the post above stated all cpu's differ but the voltage does not need to be raised from the stock fitted voltage of the factory clock speed as it will perform fine unless yo are going really high trial and error best way to do it but know what your doing before you go increasing voltages for the most part there are safety measures worst case your system will not post then you must reset the CMOS Jumper on the MOBO to reset your Factor settings or your system will lock up or Blue screen of Death and reboot but just because there are measures still be careful you could still cause damage also it's a good Idea to have good cooling and venting and find out what the max Heat your cpu can handle go into your mobo and set the auto shut down safety feature if your cpu reaches to close to the max temp it will shut down your system real fast also Amd overdrive has an Auto clock feature but I never messed with that as I already new how to get the clock I wanted by raising my FSB good luck :)
  5. warlock_dthpunch said:
    you can incease the HyperTransport speeds for a better gain in real world performance

    it is bad to raise the HT as it can fry your mobo to do that you need a good up to date motherboard that handles voltages really well and has cooling on the NB it will cause system hangs as well I know this because I experimented with my HT long ago 200 mhz over and my NB was running hot as hell of course I had a cheap Biostar board I got for 40 bucks but Raising the Multi is plenty enough of a gain there is only so much performance you can squeeze out any ways if it is not going to do the job by OC the CPU then you might as well upgrade to fit your needs better safe than sorry
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