is a 144hz monitor worth it?

I typically game most of the time, and was wondering if 144hz is worth it compared to a 60hz. I know for a fact that it will display some differene, hence 60 compared to 144, but it is it really worth it? Games like crysis 3, BF3(soon), bf3, metro, CS source
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  1. bf4** (Soon)
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    It's absolutely amazing for CS:S, since it's so easy to maintain a minimum of 144 fps. It's great for any shooter, really, the only problem is pushing all of those frames.
  3. Exactly what cuecue said, if you have the hardware to push those frames, then go for it! If not, maybe invest in your setup before considering a monitor upgrade.

    Btw, what's your hardware?
  4. alright for sure then. thanks!
  5. I wouldn't go any other way...... especially if you have nVidia graphics (Lightboost)
  6. gtx780, i7 3770k,
    16gb corsair dominator platinum 18866mhz,
    1200w NZXT halev290 PSU,
    asus z77 mobo.
  7. By all means then ...... look at the effect Lightboost has in that article I linked to above ..... shows 60Hz, 120 Hz and 120Hz with Lightboost. You can see ghosting on the 1st two but not the last w/ lightboost
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