New Build: WIll it work

I posted a similar thing not too long ago, but I have since revised my build decisions and I want to know if it will all work / Is this a decent rig / suggestions

Intel Core i3-4130

Nvidea Geforce GTX 650ti BOOST

MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming Motherboard

Seasonic G-series 550 watt PSU

CM Storm Scout 2 Case

Corsair 8gb (4x2) Vengeance RAM


ViewSonic 22" LED monitor

Asus Optical Drive

Thanks in advance
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  1. So if used a newer processor like the i5 3350, then I could still have the motherboard for upgrading later on?
  2. The upgrade cost of the 4130 to the 3350 is 40$ and I get a better performance, compared to the 60$ difference from the Z77 to the Z87 motherboard that wont change performance much. The 3350 was my first choice anyway.

    Everything else works fine?
  3. I am planning on getting a ~100GB SSD later down the line, when I have the money. I am already pushing my budget and it's not essential right now.
    Other than that, Thanks a lot. You have been a great help
  4. I would agree on the SSD other than boot times it does not play a great deal in the performance of a rig. While I have had a SSD in my rigs for a while now and would not build with out them they are not really one of the key components in a system other than the pain of reinstalling the system when you add one later.

    As far as going for a socket 1150 or 1155 if that is what you choose really the performance gain to a 1150 is not much since you are using a dedicated GPU. The main performance gain in the Haswell is in the igpu not all but the main difference. Personally I think the 1155 still has enough life left in it for a while. The CPU that are in the 3rd generation are still very good and would still make a great rig for a few years down the road. I will most likely upgrade when Broadwell comes out but for now I will stick with my i5 3570K it is still serving me well in my intel/Nvidia gaming rig.
  5. Yeah my old laptop had an 80gb SSD that I had windows boot off of, I could boot to windows in about 5 seconds from startup.
    I sold that laptop FYI
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