EVGA GTX780 SC on MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

We have been frustrated by an issue with our EVGA graphics card.
New Computer built July 2013.
Chip - Intel i5 4670K 3.40GHz + 6mb Cache
Power Supply - RaidMax 1200w Gold 80plus Gold Certified
Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

For the first month, computer and graphics card worked fine.
Then graphics card started failing. It would not produce an image. CPU graphics output works fine.
Took it to Fry's for diagnosis (big mistake). They state graphics card is not working. (duh?)

Tested PCI-E slot with low budget Radeon card and it works fine. However, Radeon card does not require the additional 12v power.

We then do a cross ship RMA with EVGA. Install new graphics card. It still does not work.

On a whim, I use a different power cable from the RaidMax Power Supply, one of the external ones on the outside of the box. Magic card seems to work fine.
Well, for about a day though. Graphics card stops working again.

On a different whim, tried a different power port on the outside of the Raidmax power supply, and the magic happens again!! Yeah. However, lasts only a day or so before graphics card ceases to function.

Both the original and RMA card were tested with the same results. Would certainly believe that the cards are not the issues.

BTW, when the EVGA ceases to work, it does not even show up in the bios..acts as if no card is present.

After much time with the truly very helpful EVGA technical support we try using a different HDMI cable from the graphics card to the monitor. Magic again!!! Yeah...well, for about another day or so.

So now, we're just plain confused. Two cards, different power outlets and cables, different HDMI, even tried different PCI-E slots in darn difference.

The latest Bios drivers are loaded up as well.

Anyone have any idea what we could do next?
Some thoughts I have is that this card will not work with this motherboard. But I don't have another computer to test the card on.

Any...Any help would be appreciated. Spend a lot of money and am getting unhappy.

Sugar Land, TX
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  1. First! Get rid of that substandard Raidmax PSU! It is a killer.
  2. maybe your psu is bad? if possible, test with a different psu
  3. Best answer
    Agree with the above posters, horrible PSU.

    You don't need even close to that much power, anyways - a 650w unit of reliable quality (read: actually able to produce 650w) would be fine. I would be surprised if that raidmax could even sustain 1000w.
  4. LOL OP i live less than 20 mins away from you... Its probably that raidmax PSU.
  5. I think we might try a different power supply! What is even more baffling is that the voltage is a rock solid 12.15 volts from all three power ports. So I had ruled out the PSU.
    So we'll try a new PSU and report back.
  6. We did change out the crappy RaidMax power supply with a Corsair. Problem solved. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  7. Not the first time that happens!
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