Nvidia Control Panel Crashing/Black Screen During Games

While playing some games my graphics card freezes up occasionally. I've also had the screen go black and "display drivers have stopped working but recovered" pops up every once in a while And, rarely, I get a full on freeze that forces me to restart.

A second problem, which I encountered while trying to fix the first, is that any time I click in (3d settings > manage 3d settings > global settings) in the nvidia control panel, the control panel crashes. This still happens despite the clean installs I've done.

Lastly, what I'm trying to change in the global settings is the "adaptive" power setting, which, as I read elsewhere, might be the fix to the first problem.

This has been mostly an annoyance since I got this computer, but in this one game it's happening to the extent that I can't play seriously in a group. If anyone could help and save me from this headache, I'd be immensely grateful.
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  1. you using win-8?
  2. Yeah, running windows 8. The card's a GTX 560 Ti, the game I'm having the problems with is running cool at 100 fps, so it's not that it's being strained or anything.
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    Yes, I had (2) 780's in sli & control panel would crash, if it could get it to open at all. I spent 3 days trying to slove it, trying everything and then some. What worked (I think) finally was uninstalling EVGA PrecisionX & Running Ccleaner deleting a bunch of crap, reinstalling/clean Nvidia GeForce 327.23 WHQL . Still working. Have W/8.1 pre.
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