Windows Crash, SSD removed from Boot Order, Have to System Restore

So my computer randomly crashed a few weeks ago and when I walked over to it, I saw a screen saying it had a boot error. So I opened the BIOS, and come to find out, my SSD (My C:/ Drive) Isn't in my boot order anywhere, it's gone. So thinking my drive just died, I disconnected every drive on my motherboard and rebooted. It then found my SSD, but I still had to place it into the boot order again. After rebooting, windows was extremely slow, and then froze, forcing me to reboot, causing endless boot cycles with error messages. After attempting to run windows repairs, which came up with nothing, and not having any restore points, I just wiped it and Re-installed Windows. I had assumed that would fix any problem.

Fast forward about two weeks, and it crashes again with the same boot error. So, I replaced the drive into my boot order again, and this time rebooted with a recovery disc. I ran a windows error repair, it found nothing, did a disc check, found nothing, and then proceeded to use a restore point. I then updated my BIOS and other core drives for my motherboard, replaced my SATA cable, and plugged it into another SATA port and it worked fine for a week. Then it crashed... again. This time, I just went ahead and did a restore. That's where I'm at now.

I am using a Kingston V300 series 120gb SSD on an MSI Z77 motherboard, with Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I've checked for firmware updates for the drive but none where available, so I emailed Kingston, and I'm awaiting a reply as we speak. I was hoping perhaps somebody on these forums would have an idea, as I am completely dumbfounded. My only idea is that the drive is bad.

Also, forgot to include that I had referenced this thread and didn't find much to help my situation that I hadn't already tried.
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    I would agree with bad drive, I am as well sure they will have you do some tests on it before they accept RMA.
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