gtx 770 x3 vs radeon hd 7990 x2

titel says all thx in advance :)
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  1. Can u wait a little bit more for the amd hawaii gpus? coming out in a month or two. also what is your screen res.?
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    Radeon HD 7990 In CrossFire: The Red Wedding Of Graphics,3539.html

    "The information we’re bringing to light flat-out kills any reason to pair Radeon HD 7990s up in the same system. And this is the best-case chassis, recommended by AMD. It only get worse/hotter from there."

    "When it launched, a generous eight-game bundle had me on the fence about the 7990’s prospects. But after spending time evaluating its thermals and acoustics (to say nothing about its crashes and performance hiccups in CrossFire, which could become a story unto itself), I can’t think of one reason to recommend 7990 to a friend. And, at the end of the day, that’s what this job is all about."
  3. ah yes, see this is one of the reasons im considering switching to triple 770s or 780s
  4. sixsamuraisoldier said:
    ah yes, see this is one of the reasons im considering switching to triple 770s or 780s

    Would you like some more?

    - I hope you got the main point of that article, which is, 7990s in Crossfire simply don't work. Due to a heat vortex created between the cards, they overheat and throttle their clock speeds so that gaming is not possible.

    - Did you notice the charts in that review comparing review cards to retail cards? Apparently the cards used in reviews are cherry-picked samples, while the retail ones run significantly hotter and noisier.

    - Here is a recording of the 7990s infamous coil whine that Tom's Hardware describes as a "parasitic noise".,3486-15.html
    This noise was noted in several reviews, like TechPowerUp, and seems to be a problem with all 7990s.

    - Crossfire frame pacing doesn't work on DirectX 9 and OpenGL games and high resolutions. Your performance in these situations, even with a single 7990, will feel choppy and be no better than gaming on a single GPU, like this:
    See that little green line? That's the SLI setup running smoothly with no microstutter.,12.html
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