Where is the best place to purchase a replacement I/O Panel for a Master Cooler HAF X?

Hi people!

Thanks for all the help you've given me over the years.

Now, I need to buy the replacement part listed in the title. Having a hard time with the Master Cooler website, however. Looked on Newegg; no luck. eBay; no luck.

Anyone know a good place online to purchase the part? Or even the price for that matter.

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  1. E-mail their support staff. You can probably get a replacement piece from them for like $5-$10, maybe $15 tops with shipping.
  2. The I/O panel is customized for the motherboard, not the case. You'd want to contact your motherboard's manufacturer for that.
  3. I had problems with the I/O panel with a Cooler Master Storm Sniper. I called their customer service and they sent me a new one in three days. They didn't even want me to return the faulty one.

    You can also browse thru their web site and find the parts store. Narrow it down to your particular case and they will have the parts that are available listed with the prices. I'm sure you can get one there if your case is out of warranty.

    Good luck.
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    Hey, CM Support rep here

    Don't be afraid to ask directly :)

    If your case is still under warranty, you can request an I/O board from

    If your case isn't under warranty, check out the CM Store

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