7970 Ghz Crossfire VS R9 290X

What is the better option? 7970 GEs are getting very cheap and I know crossfiring has been very good thanks to the newer drivers.

OTOH, I'm pretty hyped about the R9 290X that AMD announced. And that Manta Ray looks like a solid process what with its console-like optimization. I'm looking to game mainly on a 2k monitor.

Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
i5 2500k
Sapphire AMD 7970 Ghz Vapor X
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  1. If you can wait a month, benchmarks will be out and the new cards will hopefully be available. Also, current prices will have dropped.

    At the moment nobody really knows how well the new cards will perform, but it's likely the R9 290x will be equal to, or more powerful than, the current GTX Titans.
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