toshiba c850 cpu replace problem

hi all
i have a problem upgrading my toshiba c850 come with cpu Intel Celeron B830
and i want to replace cpu with Intel Core i3-3120M it works good for 30 minute only and after that the lap top shutdown

so any hel with this problem

lap : toshiba c850-B583
cpu comes with lap : Intel Celeron B830
cpu i want to get it work : Intel Core i3-3120M
ram : M471B5773ch-ck0

lap M.B PN : h000038380

thanx fo your support
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  1. Have u done a bios upgrade?
  2. Best answer
    I did I quick search and many are experiencing the same issues at 30 seconds. I seems the bios does a check and despite heat or compatibility, it just shuts down. The following link is the best options I have found.
  3. thanks for replay
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