PC runs fine but crashes randomly

My pc runs fine, all games work like a charm. But it randomly crashes, sometimes when im doing nothing and more often when im gaming. I've 2 types of crashes; sometimes my screen freezes but I can still move my mouse and in 5 secs everything unfeezes. But sometimes i get an complete freeze and I have to restart the hard way. And sometimes I even get a screen black out and a nasty noise, wich resuslts in an auto shut down.

I've done c-sweeper driversweeper, reintalled drivers. Opened my pc cleared out all the dust. Temperatures are fine, GPU stayes around 85 degrees celcius when im gaming and cpu is steady around 45. This is my pc http://www.meetgadget.com/gadget/14380/Packard+Bell+iPower+X3.0
(yea I know its a packard bell and its a premade piece of crap, but it did work fine and it was a gift so..)

The one thing I havent done yet is reinstal windows.

Does anyone recognize this problem and knows how to fix it? Please help me out!
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  1. Ow I see on the site with my pc specs that there is a different graphic card, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 (2048 MB)
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