FD Define XL R2 vs FD Arc Midi R2 vs FD Define R4 vs Enermax Ostrog GT

I am wondering which of these cases to buy.
1) FD Define XL R2
2) FD Arc Midi R2
3) FD Define R4
4) Enermax Ostrog GT

I am looking for a case big enough for all mu current and likely future needs with as good as possible airflow and good cable management. Silence is of, course, a plus.

Size and weight are not issues for me (I don't plan on moving the PC often, no LAN parties, etc.).
The price difference where I can get them from is pretty minimal too so you can ignore that as well.

My current rig is:
CPU: Intel i5 4570
Motherboard: Asus B85M-E
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LP 1x8GB
Hard Drive: 1TB WD Caviar Black
PSU: Seasonic SS-650AM

However, I want to be able to use the case I buy for a long time so upgrades need to be considered. I will never have more than two GPUs, I will not have more than 2 hard drives and 1 SSD... I have no need of an optical drive... That is about all I can think of.

Thank you very much for your time and help!
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    I cant speak for the other 3 but the FD Define R4 is a great case. Ample room inside for all of your gear and then some. It has great cable management and assuming you leave the fan slots in the top and side empty, is extremely silent. I have the top open and it is slightly louder but a lot quieter than any other case I have ever had. Only thing I can warn you about is that if you plan on getting a 240mm liquid cooler for your CPU to put in the top, it is a tight fit...
  2. Thanks for the feedback! While I am not currently considering liquid cooling, how tight of a fit are we talking about? "It barely fits" or "You will need tools to twist the metal"? Also, would you say the airflow is good, does your system run cool enough? From the pictures I have seen, the front is actually solid and the intake has to get the air from the front-side slits. That looks as if it would affect performance.

    I was hoping to get a few more opinions but I guess that is not going to happen :) Thank you once again for your post czar357!
  3. Well a single fan 120mm or 140mm will fit just fine no problem anywhere. Supposedly a 280mm will fit in the front but I can't validate that. FD put a youtube video up showing this so I would assume it works. The 240 doesn't. The fan that sits above the RAM doesn't have enough clearance. It will hit the top of the RAM modules so you cant even get the fan installed. I had to buy a 20mm thick fan to replace the stock 25mm thick fan and works great. For reference I have the Thermaltake Water 2.0 cooler.

    As for the airflow, it is nothing to worry about. I was skeptical but everything seems to be cool. Havent had any issues.
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