My PC is not getting the same data speeds as the others in my house

Hey guys, before I start this, I think its best I say that I am not very learned in networking. So if my explanation seems juvenile, please bear with me.

So to keep a long story short, there are 4 PCs in my house. Two are connected directly to the ISP router, and the other two are connected via powerline adapters (I believe that is the correct term, look at this to see what I'm talking about). Lets call these two PC A and PC B.

My computer, PC B, is getting speeds from 2 - 3.5 mbps, but a few days ago it was as low as .3 mbps. PC A, which is also on a wall outlet switch, gets speeds from 8-10 mbps, and the two PCs connected to the ISP router get the same. I am testing this via speedtest.

Any ideas here? There are a bunch of variables that I think may be the issue, but I'm posting here just in case.

Recently, I upgraded my PC to a newer version of Windows and none of my games were kept, So, through steam, I downloaded around 35 gb of games in a short period of time. My initial thoughts were that At&t were simply throttling me, but I don't think that likely, as they would most likely throttle the entire house.

Also, I have a lot of things plugged into the same outlet that the powerline adapter is located. I have my PC, monitor, Xbox, and receiver, but again I don't think this likely either for a list of reasons. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

So what do you guys think? This slow connection is making it impossible to play with my buddies online, and its been about a week and it still hasn't been resolved. I'm going to try and find my 50 ft ethernet cable and plug my computer directly into the ISP router, and see how that works. I'll get back on that later.

Thanks all!
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  1. I'm no expert either, but i own powerline adaptors so have a small amount of experience with them. Some suggestions to get you started:

    Interference could be the reason. Don't use a power strip, have nothing else plugged into the socket that the powerline is plugged into. Don't have anything plugged into any sockets adjacent to the powerline adaptor.

    It could be that you have 2 mains rings in the house, Powerline works well if it's all on one mains ring, but very poorly or not at all if you have 2.

    You could just be unlucky and there may be poor quality cabling in one of your rooms.

    Distance. Speed will drop off with distance.
  2. I should also note that this has only started recently. For about a year now I've been using this with no problem, this just started about a week ago.

    I do have a powerstrip connected to the same outlet, however.
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    Erikman said:
    I do have a powerstrip connected to the same outlet, however.

    This is definitely worth testing. I have seen this first hand where a powerline adapor fails to work when something else is plugged into an adjacent socket (I've also seen it work fine on many occasions, they can be fickle!).

    The specific example I've seen: Powerline adaptor plugged in and nothing else, powerline works 100%. Plug in a router in the adjacent socket (not a power strip, the socket next to it on the wall) and the powerline adaptor fails completely to connect. I had to run a power strip across the room from a completely separate power outlet to the router get the powerline adaptor to work.

    I'm not saying that's definitely what's happening here, but it's as good a place as any to start testing.

    (edited to remove a horrible long and unnecessary URL.)
  4. You know, I think you may be right. Now that I think about it, this really only started after I moved my xbox to this room. Its off when I'm not using it, but...

    I'm going try unplugging the xbox and see what happens.

    Edit: Nope, the speeds are still just as slow. But I think you are right. I'm going to try and get my ethernet cable.
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